Posses node is not accesible from Level Blueprint


I’m having a bit of trouble “possesing” a pawn. I have seen a lot of tutorials and youtube videos accesing the posses node from a level blueprint. At this time with 4.5 it is not possible for me to access this node from a level blueprint just from a player controller blueprint but from there how can I access the pawn refreence I want to posses.


Please, could anyone confirm this is not possible anymore? And a way to create same thing in current version?

Thanks in advance.

I will answer my own question. The node is accesible if contextual option is set to false. Is this a bug or something?

They changed the context system in 4.5, so it may not exactly match previous tutorials. When in doubt, turn off the context and search the whole list.

Yes, I discovered this the hard way :).

can you pls guys if you discover somenthing show to us maybe help others fiind stuff easy , thx