Posses an attached actor?

I have an object attached to my character in a hand socket, when activated the actor moves to a new socket but I want to change the controls to posses that actor (its using a different physics actor). Cant this be done or should the 2 remain separate from one another and I juggle the player controller between the 2?

If you plan to control both in same time then make possessed main actor control attach actor, If they are sperate in contorls, like there would be 2 control modes then switching possession would be best option. At the end it all depends on you which what you are feeling comfitibule with, controller don’t need to control everything direcly.

Ok then my question I suppose may be subjective but maybe you can shine some light on the problem at hand. So the player runs around with a skateboard, when “F” is pressed the board goes to the players feet, player animation mode changes to be “onBoard” but how I am thinking it should be done is that each type of skateboard has its own blueprint because we plan to have various types of skateboard. So would switching possession to which ever board is currently attached to the player not be the best method or should the one player controller have an enumerator that changes which movement system to use based on the board that is currently equipped?