PositronX - Roguelite FPS (with interesting time and space manipulation mechanics)

Hello Unreal community!
We wanted to let you know about the project we are working on. It’s called PositronX and is available on Steam store (just entered early access).
The project is done in Unreal and perhaps more than 95% programmed in C++.

PositronX is a Rogue-lite First Person Shooter that emphasizes on strategic fast-paced combat, creative time and movement mechanics and detailed graphical quality, packed into a highly re-playable experience. With basically countless different combinations of Weapons, Implants, Imprints and Upgrades, the game you will play will never be the same twice.

Current project state is Alpha 0.7, stable and very playable with enough content for hours to play. There’s still a lot of content to add and balancing issues to resolve as well as current content to remove or adjust.
Here there are some links to some of the gifs with features from the game (they short and easier to digest)

Example of an Implant that’s a bit similar to SUPERHOT time mechanic…g?t=1526432709

Example of an Implant which can stop bullets in mid air and send them back to attackers for additional damage…g?t=1526432709

and here there are some videos recorded from the game

Thank you and let us know if you have any questions related to the development or anything else.