Positive feedback on blog article "Creating a Data-Driven UI with UMG"


I’d like to give Epic some positive feedback! :smiley: I thought the blog article on “Creating a Data-Driven UI with UMG” was really good.

I’ve come to computer graphics/games from a non-games background, and love this sort of in-depth, intermediate-skill-level article. The main difficulty I’ve found with learning Unreal is understanding how to make different types of “thing” work together, so an article like this which shows an overview of how to start with structs & data tables, use them in making a scrollable button list in UMG, and connect up the buttons so they do things - while keeping a view to efficiency and not putting everything on Tick - is so helpful. I’m sure it takes a while to put long written articles together… but it is really worth it. I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds it useful.

Thanks for the feedback. I shared this with Cody and he is appreciative. He said he’ll be thinking on other areas he can make tutorials.