POSITIVE FEEDBACK - nice visuals and blending with RVTs + heightmesh - keep it up Epic!


Been working on a landscape material on/off as part of the ol’ chipping away. I was recently able to get the virtual heightfield mesh working and I wondered if I could blend a mesh with the VHFM as well as sample the color…

Behold, my friend, Mr Conehead, with the lower portion, a skirt if you will, being mapped to the shape and texture of the (hidden) VHMF:

Same cone just moved up to show how it looks naturally (no intersection/blending):

Same cone with the heightmesh turned visible to see how it blends:


Nifty, eh!

The idea here is now that I have a drag/drop solution for a landscape I can now ‘just’ drag-drop meshes and expect them to blend seamlessly with the landscape… I DO need to improve the blending, but POC is that this works, works well, and for what it’s worth, gets a big thumbs-up on keeping Tessellation. Unless nanite can be driven via a material in this manner, I wanna keep tessellation for my static meshes…

As well when I started using unreal a loong time ago (before it even had a number…), I always wanted to be able to have the instant-campsite type setup where a whole world could be generated for play at a single go… Right now with the new heightfield and the blending here, MY dreams are coming true, lol. I like the tech and it’s working VERY well for me insofar as functionality. No seams was high on my wishlist and I think I can actually pull it off now, thanks.