Positioning assets in a static msh


I’m working on an architectural scene. I’m building my assets and arch meshes in Blender and importing into UE4. As I built the scene in Blender, I created mount / snap points for the assets - basically, just vertices that determined where the asset went by setting it’s origin to them.

The question is, is there a way to do this fairly easily in UE4? Maybe create a small amount of geometry (a protruding tri or something) that I can automatically snap to with an asset? I can see there’s a way to get that done generally, but I had a funny feeling there’s probably an established workflow for something like that.

The closest workflow that I can point to is skeletal mesh sockets - which would likely work, but it seems overkill for my more simple need.

Any thoughts?

You can go that route.
Another is to make notes of the coordinates of the assets and just set the locations to that.

What i did for my one scene was export the stuff in its correct location. So their Pivots would be far away from where they should be… but i didnt need the pivots to do stuff like moving my actors etc. This allowed me to pull in my assets without having to move or align anything.

But i wont recommend that because its bad practice having bad pivots.

Didn’t think of noting the coords. Problem is, I camera mapped this in Blender and didn’t think about scale, so I have to scale it up before bringing it into UE

The last idea has merits, especially since I won’t be moving my assets either - they’re really just part of the static scene that I separated out. That would certainly give me the convenience of setting everything up in Blender…

You can use BSP shapes to block out where you want your assets to be placed and the approximate scale. Then turn the BSP into a static mesh named after the asset you want to make there. Place your new static mesh around your level and later when you create the asset in Blender you can re-import your new FBX over the old BSP created asset and it will update all the instances in the level. I like working this way because you can also export that BSP created static mesh into an FBX file and import that into Blender as a scale reference (if you have all your scale setting set up correctly in Blender that is).

That’s a good idea…

Hi Joel,

My mesh vertex socket snapping change is now in 4.8. Maybe it’ll help?

Gif of it in action ->