Positional tracking with GearVR using Optitrack

Hi guys, I few days ago I started working on porting the NatNet protocol to UE4 via a plugin I’m developing from scratch. It runs very smooth and there’s no latency at all. The position is tracked by a bunch of Flex13 cameras and the orientation is the one provided by the Gear. The experience is awesome and the fact that you are not wired gives you the freedom to move without any worries.


Looks awesome! Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

Nice work!
Are you publishing that plug-in?


Nice work!
This is something I’ve been waiting for quite a long time…
I have Optitrack System at my Uni and Ikinema Plugin is hugely expenssive…
Are you planning on releasing a plugin maybe?

Hi omigamedev,
Nice work ! Just wondering if you’re planing on releasing your plugin / code for NatNet ?