Positional array feeding into a material

So I have seen this question asked before but there has never been a solution and the last time I could see it posted was from over a year ago.

I want to take an array of positional data from actors inside my level and feed them into a material parameter, dynamically in real time. I want to then take this positional information and use it mask certain areas of my level (They are all using the same material) I can achieve this pretty easily with one position and possibly scale it up manually but without feeding in an array it will get pretty tedious and eventually unworkable.

I have seen that the engine does not support arrays for materials at them moment but if there is even a way I can use C++ that will too or work around that would do.

You’re in luck. I just posted a method that does this today. You write your array to a texture, use it as a texture parameter, and loop over it in your material.