Position of collider on mesh

  1. How can i see the position of my collider in my mesh?.
    The collider have a axis system but i can not see any x,y,z value?. Sometimes i want to add more colliders and place them in exactly position.

  2. Another question about collider. If i want to add more colliders i must go in the upper meny to add?
    Why is this not in the same view. We have all the other fancy buttons, Grid, Bounds Collision and a meny to the right that we can use.

  3. I can not use translate and snapping when moving colliders in my mech?

  4. Add more colliders in same mesh = not centered?

  5. Sometimes i want create brick size: mesh 0,95 x 0,95 x 0,05m
    How to create a collider 1x1x0,05m. ?.

  6. The last picture is made in Unity. I want the size of the brick is smaller then the collider because i want to see between bricks but with no problem to walk on.

See picture attachments!. Is this bugs?

Im sorry, I’m kind of new in unreal and maybe i have not understand the red line in how to work with the interface. If so give me a hint how i should think.