Position Grid Value

Why are the Position Grid Values in 5’s now? because my models were made based on the Quadro system of UDK, I don’t really have a problem with it in UE4 but I was just wondering why the change from 4 to 5? is it easier to count that way? lol

I think you are talking about how the editor grid changed default units from base 2 to base 10.

Before the grid snap settings were 1,2,4,8,16,32,64. Etc…
Now it is 1,5,10,100. Etc. we made that change mostly to follow the metric system and have a bit less arbitrary units. Overall i think it is a really good change. That said, we still use the power of 2 settings on Fortnite because there is simply way to much content created that way to change it all. I know there is a setting for this somewhere under preferences. I am away from my PC at the moment but I will be able to find it for you later tonight.

Ah ok I see xD no problem, It just came to thought while I was importing my meshes and was wondering why nothing was matching up with the grid and then I finally clicked haha. I will appreciate the help a lot thanks.

For anybody else who stumbles upon this thread, the option to change from powers of 10 to powers of 2 can be found at:

Edit-> Editor Preferences -> Viewports -> Grid Snapping -> “User Power of 2 Snap Size” set checkbox to true

Do you know of a way to change the Editor’s Grid display to reflect the base 2 preference change as well?

I just checked that box on and off and my grid changed. It definitely should. Are you sure it is not?

Thank you so much! this will help me move my meshes around a lot more faster and efficient.

Yeah, I changed to Use Power of Two Snap Size under preferences, and the red snap dots change correctly, but the visible grid is still 10 base.

Version 4.0.1-0 + UE4