[POSITION FILLED]~~[PAID/CONTRACT] C++/Blueprint General Programmer | Network Programmer~~

NOTE: This project is a sales app, not a game.

Project Description:
The app is a sales tool targeting iPads/Android tablets, and ideally also has a standalone desktop client and/or web app version. A Unity prototype has already been produced but we have switched to UE4 for production. More details will be provided on successful application.

Current Team Structure**:**
Project Manager, General C++/Blueprint Programmer, 3D Modeller

Talent Required:
Additional General C++/Blueprint Programmer, Networking Programmer

Note: Candidates should be UK based, ideally in the north of England. Preferable if able to commute to office in Leeds, or be able to visit as needed.

General Programmer

  • Strong familiarity with UE4 programming, both C++/blueprints.
  • Comfortable with working with most aspects of the engine, and/or willing to learn.
  • Able to optimise for mobile/web deployment, and understand limitations of the platforms.

Networking Programmer
All the above, including:

  • Comfortable working with UE4’s networking system.
  • Able to assist in implementation and deployment of hosting servers and login/credential management.
  • Knowlege of sending/streaming assets to clients for custom content at runtime.
  • Ideally would be able to implement custom networking stack, either if needed or further into the project’s timeline.

Bonus Points:

  • Familiarity with version control (git).
  • Has shipped a business app before.
  • Local to Leeds area, or can commute/visit as needed.

Please send CV and portfolio/website/samples to: [EMAIL=“”] stating the job you wish to apply for.


E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

those are the things that i worked for several companies.

but its a shame that i am not from England.

in any case if someday you guys decide to go for anybody outside of England than let me know.