[POSITION FILLED] Are you brave enough to take “The Right Path”?

(UPDATED) June 8, 2021

Hey there everyone!

In just a few short days (5 days) I’ve had a GREAT response from developers…a lot…I mean a LOT of great offers!

I wanted to thank all of you that have offered your services to this project, it as been very overwhelming with the great responses! With that being said I do have exactly the team I’m looking for!

I will have this post deleted in a day or so, or maybe a moderator can change the title to (POSITION FILLED), but either way, posting here for a job offer as been a great experience! So those of you that may have your doubts, the right team for your project will hopefully come to as quick as it has for me!


Hey there potential level/game/world designer(s)!

My name is Sam, I’m the CEO (a lofty title for a guy that works in his home office!) at FAITH BASED GAMES! I’m also the director and writer for the game The Right Path. Because of some health issues that will keep me from making The Right Path, I need a person or a team to build the game for me.

I also have to say this up front just so you know. You might suspect by now by the company name, the game, The Right Path, I’m needing your help with, is a faith based game, in this case, based on my Christian faith. Now before you run and hide, because this is a “Christian” game, please just hear me out before you go!

The Right Path will be a 3D, single player story driven game, where choices matter.

Like any story driven game, The Right Path needs a hero, or in this case a heroine, a young woman named Dr. Helkena Mo. Helkena has choices to make, as with “real life”, some of those choices are good, and some are not so good.

The story of The Right Path takes place in the year 2030 in the fictitious city of Los Diego, in the new state of Elysium, USA.

Elysium was formed to pay off the USA’s 40 trillion dollar debt, paid off by a VERY powerful multi-quadrillion dollar corporation, TechGene. TechGene is run by the very intelligent and charismatic CEO Jonas Hunt. Jonas Hunt has aspersions of becoming the President of America. TechGene also happens to be the place where Helkena works as a bioengineer. (head to the links below for more story details)

The Right Path will have lots of “Christian” elements, but The Right Path is geared more for a non-believer than a Christian. It’s a game that will be for ALL who want a great story driven game; almost 150,000 words of just dialog (just to give you an idea, the average American fiction novel is about 70,000 words).

The full game will include, but is not limited to:

  • Most of the game will be more of large “cut scenes”; think of FMV games like “Late Shift” or even “Quantum Break”; even Life is Strange. Except these cut scenes will have 3D modeled characters.
  • Mini games/puzzles; moving objects to clear a path, looking through a microscope to do “gene-splicing” …etc.
  • Melee and weapons combat; in either 1st or 3rd person or BOTH.
  • Mechanics for a choices matter game.
  • Talking/facial animations is a MUST. The characters/actors in The Right Path have lots and lots of dialog, so having close-ups of the actors faces, mouth movement needs to sync up as close as possible. I know there are still some limitations for mouth movements; but technology is advancing in that area quite quickly!

So if any of you are good/great at level design (world building), animations, or Blueprints, perfect….if one of you (or a team) are proficient in all aspects of UE4 (UE5) even better!

Thanks for sticking to the end! I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

P.S. Also something to be aware of, I’m on the west coast of the USA (near Los Angeles), so take into account the time zones.

The Right Path


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