Position Blueprint in centre of screen


I am trying to automatically set the position of my player’s blueprint to be at the centre of the screen.

However I am having a hard time finding out how to do that easily. I tried to get the Convert Screen to World position by setting the X/Y to half the screen size, but whatever I set as X/Y, what values come out for X, Y and Z are always the same.

I feel like it should be a very easy thing to do, but can’t seem to find a way :confused:

Sorry if it’s a very basic question.


Hi Kcrik,

Try feeding the ‘TraceEnd’ into the Blueprints location.

The float (1000 in the image) is how far away from the camera you want it to be.

Special thanks to @3dRaven who posted this BP logic recently.

Awesome, it works like a charm !!!

I had some parts on the left of the screenshot but not the Trace bits.

I wonder how @3dRaven came to work out that solution, it would be interesting to know for experience and knowledge :slight_smile:

Thanks again !



That’s basically vector math 101. There are a lot of instances where you’d want to shoot a line trace. (Projectiles, Checking distance, checking somethings angle (aka normal vector))

There’s a map called ‘Math Hall’ in the Content Examples sample project that has some really well presented vector info.

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