Posing a skeleton & seeing it update in the viewport

Hi all,

My dilemma I am facing is: I have modelled a Neuron (octupus looking thing) in blender and attached an armature to each tentacle so that I can pose it in Unreal.

Export to UE4 with skeletal mesh, open the skeletal editor, change the pose, Save but it doesn’t update it in the Viewport. Since I need it to have different poses around the map, modelling it and posing it in Blender won’t do since I can’t see where to wrap the tentacles around.

I found out through other questions I can Record it, Save it and see it but that means saving the animation/pose every time I need to adjust a bone (there are usually 20 bones per tentacle, there are 14 tentacles… haha

Is there a way to change the pose and see it update in the viewport?
Is there a better way of doing this?

Also I don’t need it to animate, essentially it will be a static mesh.

The PoseableMeshComponent allows bone transforms to be driven by a Blueprint.

Interesting solution, I gave it a bit of research and a go but it seems I would have to set up the exact rotations of each bone in blueprints which seems as long as Recording, Saving, Repeating.

Well you could set something up in the construction script to allow to pose it using handles.

Also, have you tried using the sequencer to pose skeletal meshes? You don’t need them to play, so you would just pose them and leave them in place.

Cheers for your response, long week at work only got round to checking this today. I think the sequencer route means you have to save the pose as a new file each time which was what I was trying avoid, but I’ll look into it again.