Posing a skeletal mesh

Hey guys.

Complete newbie question here. I’ve been working the past week with UE4 and I am loving how powerful and easy it is to pick up for someone like me, that’s never done game design before. I already have a prototype built and basic core systems for a game (movement, save system, menu system) I will be building as a demo for my Oculus DK2 that arrives next week.

With that said, some basic game design methods and ideas are completely over my head.

My game centers around a player in a vehicle of sorts with 6 DOF movement. It is first person based, but as it is a VR game the player will need to be able to see their body when they look down. The VR space shooter template built by another user on this forum was a great frame of reference, but I don’t know how he went about modifying the animations inside of the base “blue man” TPP asset that comes with the game.

Is there a simple way to spawn the skeletal mesh and pose it? So I can attach it to my pawn blueprint as a mesh and then center the camera directly over his head… If not, is there a simple way to export the skeletal mesh and animation files to another program so I can edit them “somewhat easily”. I tried exporting the FBX to blender but that did not work how I wanted it to and I am also very new to blender.

I’ve looked around about building my own character via makehuman, importing into blender and then learning animation… but for someone as I said that is completely new… this is a daunting task. I wanted to focus on learning the engine and blueprinting before I tried to get into developing art assets. So for now, I’d just like to be able to export the skeletal TPP blue man, edit his animations and or just be able to pose him correctly in the game world for what I am trying to do. Even if he can’t move in the game world, and is just static… it would assist me greatly in building a prototype.


there are two ways: first is learning or second paying another one to do that.

I complete new and i do that, i “make human”, and export to maya, UE4 ART Toolkit help a lot on rigging and you can reuse the BLUE basic animations, and known i doing my extra animations, not hard learn, take time but its possible for a newbie . Unfurtunately for blenders users, no ART for blender.