Poser Game Dev 2014

My search returned limited results on here for Poser Game Dev. I understand that the non-Game Dev versions of Poser have not been ideal for UE4 due to the high poly counts and a few other issues. From what I can tell, it seems that this product has addressed a lot of those issues but I would rather hear that from some devs rather than the creators of the tool.

Have any of you picked this product up yet? If so, can you share your experiences (good and bad) with integrating it into your UE4 development pipeline? What are you primarily using it for?

This is available for academic students for $199 and, unlike most academic licences, this product uses the same EULA as the retail license. It seems like it might be worth the $200 for the royalty free 5GB of content alone but I hope to hear some feedback before I make my decision. I assume this isn’t really geared towards character creation, more just rigging and animating so I plan to eventually dive deeper into ZBrush for that aspect. From my understanding, those two products work really well together considering most of the included content was modeled in ZBrush.

It’s still not all that great of a tool for game development–instead of using models that are designed for games they use a tool that analyzes it and tries to reduce the poly count, no automatic method like that gives good results for something like a character that needs a good topology (edge flow). For the cost I don’t think it’s worth it. Better to learn something like Blender and be able to get characters that look exactly the way you want, plus those skills can be applied to other 3D programs if you switch. Best thing is, Blender is free.

Yeah, I agree with darthviper. I used to use Poser until I realized it was just as much work as creating the characters yourself. It’s fine for stills but that’s about it.

can be ok for quickly generating a reference model, which you then build your low poly mesh around. But thats about it I think.

True Punisher but you can do that with the UE4 mannequin guy and get free animations to go with it. LOL It’s a win-win. LOL

Just an update on this old thread.

Poser Pro 11 works okay and today you can reduce poly. For export there is an UE4 or UE4.2 preset option. For character animation it is nice for simple things, like a walk designer .

The characters that comes with it are okay, meaning somewhat acceptable out of the box. I have seen really photorealistic stills from the experience users.
Moving around in the 3D space is a little different than UE.

I just did at test, importing a character animation and the animation worked fine, no problems or issues, even for an UE noob, lol.