PoseableMesh rotation in code not the same as in editor

I use skeleton view to find a rotation for a bone, And then I use c++ or blueprint to set the rotation of that bone in game. It ends up different

What is the end goal?
You need to use that to determine what type of movement to use, world space, vs component space, vs local.

The end goal is to create procedural animations in c++, I will create a script in blender that will create c++ code to add poses in the anTArray. And I will use those poses to proceduraly animate the PoseableMesh

So local space is your goal (possibly component).
Blender and Unreal however use different rotations entirely. euler vs quaternion. you have to match one to the other in order to make your life easier.

That alone could literally be your issue…

I just figured that it’s not possible to use LocalSpace anymore, When I go into the source code of BoneSpace I can see that LocalSpace is commented out

Interesting, it always was prohibitive cost wise. Does component space work with the correct type of rotations?

Yes, that works