Poseable Meshes

I can’t seem to find any information on poseable meshes anywhere. I am looking to create and setup a poseable mesh that I am going to use for bone rotations. I was not planning to do this with animation blueprints as it seems I can do what I want without them, but I need to know how to create and properly use a poseable mesh.

I know of blueprint functions such as “Set Bone Rotation by Name”, I’m just unsure how I actually create the target for it.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

I would like to second this request for the basics. I’ve got a mesh with bones imported into my assets… now how does one create a poseable mesh from there?

After scouring the net for this topic, I finally found enough hints to figure it out!

  1. You need to start with importing a mesh with a skeleton.
  2. Create a new blueprint class and select “Actor” as the parent class.
  3. Open up the blueprint and go to the Viewport tab.
  4. In the components sub-window, there is a button to “Add Component”. Click that and search/find “Poseable Mesh”.
  5. In the details for the “Poseable Mesh” component you just added, there is a mesh section. Select your skeletal mesh from there.
  6. Now go to the Event Graph tab. In the “My Blueprint” section, you should see that a PoseableMesh variable has been added. From here, you can drag the variable into your blueprint to “get” the variable and connect it to functions such as “Set Bone Rotation by Name” to programmatically drive the position and orientation of the bones in your mesh.

Have fun!

hi Dr.Widgit

i set a keyboad key to do this but itis not run ,can you show me a simple BP please?