Poseable Mesh, local rotation, c++

Hey guys, so I’ve recently started playing around with unreal after a few years in Unity at work, and I’m struggling to figure out the animation pipeline.
I’m simply trying to locally rotate a bone (a turret bone on a tank) in local Z left and right over time via C++, but the PoseableMesh class provides barely any functionality.

In unity, I’d simply reference the target bone, and modify the localRotation variable as needed, but there’s no concept of local space (except commented out) from what I can see.
So my question is, how does one use a poseable mesh to rotate bones in local space?


you might try using blueprints and a timeline, no real need to code for just that… there is a turret game in the ‘learn’ section of the launcher too, but that might be a bit extreme for your needs… but if you must code you might ask this again in the c++ gameplay programming section

You can also use different mesh of tank as each component (static mesh component ) and manipulate the transform values individually