Pose, Partial Pose Selector.

I want to do what I would consider a big block pose, and then medium box pose then minor pose but presets.

I am curious as to how possible this is and if you have any tips etc to hand out that would be fine. I will be fiddling with this in a few months.

What I want is a to have a HUD for each character I want this for (I am a 3D artist, not creating games so that may help also am willing to shift version of UE4). I want to when I am within a box for a specific actor hit a key and bring up a menu (this I know how to do mostly) This menu has all kinds of options for the character at hand including a pose tab now in this pose tab we have the big box ones standing, sitting, laying, etc. Then we have more tabs on the side with options for the limbs presets Right arm a set of presets I can set, left arm, leg etc no matter the big box pose, Then even further down we have minute poses fist, fingers curled, etc, and even further down than that we will have the option to select a bone (From a menu) and slide x, y, and z for bending and twisting and such for when we need to have a pose work just right. I am curious as to how easy this will be or how possible this will be and I am aware some of what I ask is subjective based on my experience but still. I am not well versed in having pose presets nor how to have them saved and set up in UE4 beyond having a large list of various poses in a folder. I feel like you should be able to have just one actor and within that actor, you have a list of poses available instead of a folder packed full.

Here is my level to a degree in the aforementioned.

I can make HUDs, make hud menus for items, have items rotate in real time, x,y, and z, translate, turn physics on so it can drop in its own way even can create a color wheel to change the color of an object to any color you wish on that wheel. I plan to make that where you can save it. Also, plan to make it where I can spawn these out of menu wherever I want it but I think that should be able to tell you how much I know to a degree about this. Though I do need to learn to make arrays for menu spawning many different actors.

Hmm… Guess no help… Okay. It is now time, oh well.