Pose a skeletal mesh in runtime

Hi, I’d like to know how can I pose a Skeletal Mesh based on other Skeletal Mesh animation frame.

Let me try to explain it better…

I have a first Skeletal Mesh, let’s name it A, without any animation (in the original T pose) in the scene. I also have a second Skeletal Mesh, let’s name it B, playing any animation… the question is, how can I copy the pose of B in the moment and “paste” it into A?

Note that B will continue playing its animation and A will stay statically with its new pose.

I’m getting a hard time trying to implement that!

Thanks in advance!

Hi Fireapache,

Use a PoseableMeshComponent for A, and a regular SkeletalMeshComponent playing some animation for B. When you press a button or otherwise trigger the copy, you would either directly copy SpaceBases from B or call GetBoneTransform for each bone, passing that into A via SetBoneTransformByName.

Michael Noland

Hey, thanks for the tip, Michael!

The problem is that I have to set ragdoll physics simulation on A, and I think PoseableMeshComponent doesn’t work as ragdoll. Am I right?

Actually I’m trying to implement a dismemberment system, where A is a hidden arm mesh, for example, and B is the full body mesh in normal animation. Both A and B use the same skeletal structure. And I would like to pose A as B in the moment of the dismemberment. Right after that, I hide the arm bones in B and enable ragdoll physics simulation in A.

The problem is the pose process!

Take a look at this screenshot and video… you’ll understand what I trying to do!


Thank you in advance!

It seems easier if you just use MasterPoseComponent instead of PoseableMeshComponent. If you set A to be master of B, then B will follow A’s transform. Please check out SkeletalMeshComponent.SetMasterPoseComponent


Hey, Lina!

Thanks for the tip, but I have tried that already, and it crashes the editor when I enable physics simulation on B!


Error callstack is in attachments!

Poseable mesh doesn’t work with phyiscs, that’s why it crashed