Portrait Queue UI?

Hello, I have all my characters sorted by their initiative and I would like to create a Widget interface that display, as in the video below, the portrait of the characters in order. I would like to know how would one achieve to do something similar to this : MISTOVER (Turn Based Combat Anime-Styled RPG) - Let's Play, Gameplay Ep. 1 - YouTube (timer 30m30s). I would be able to create individually each portraits but I have absolutely no idea how to make the portrait move from right to left and having a new portrait appear infinitely. I am completely stuck and lost…

Hi man,
A basic behaviour you can build is create a widget with a horizontal box.
At runtime add images inside it .

I think you can change the size of the images too to make them smaller until are soo small you can destroy the image and noone see it.

And same for adding images, you can add them really small, and resize them until the right size, to make them “pop-Appear”

So I have created my Horizontal Box with the desired size/padding but I don’t know any other way to add my portraits than drag/drop my portraits directly into the H.box. So now I have several blank portraits (another custom Widget) but it will not be "infinite so I guess that I shouldn’t add the widget this way.

Did a little research and it looks like I’ll need to use Add Child to Horizontal Box but I can’t manage to make it work (creating widget + adding it to the node make UE4 crash, creating from class do nothing, etc.). Where do I need to start to add my portraits correctly?



I finished my turn queue system. What I did is that I used an Horizontal Box with a specific amount of User Created Widget (my custom “portrait widget”) with an event that will update the widget informations (in my case the characterID so the image binding I created will get the name from a **DataTable **and find the image attached to it). I made an array of every UserCreatedWidget that will get send the ID of the ordered character turn list that I get from my Turn-based manager (so that I get currentTurn + nextTurn character list, it should be enough). Also I followed your advice for the “pop appear” and it looks pretty good. Thank you !