Portland, OR - UnrealPDX Monthly Meetup on June 29, 2016

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Join us at Oregon Story Board for our first regular monthly meetup! Come learn about what’s going on in the Unreal Engine community, get an introduction to the engine, then hang out and share what you’ve been working on!

Everyone is welcome as usual, but this one will be especially good if you’re new to Unreal Engine 4 or considering it for your next project.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016 at 6:00PM

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• Welcome + announcements
• What’s going on in the Unreal Engine community
• Introduction to Unreal Engine 4 covering features, business model, developer support and community resources
• Ask questions, hang out + share what you’re working on

If you’re already making something with Unreal Engine 4, feel free to bring it! We love to see what people are working on.

We hope to see you there!