Porting To Oculus Quest

We created a project on the Rift and now the client wants it on the quest. Its pretty instense project for the rift. So will this even be possible on the quest? Currently I setup all the settings I found in a couple youtube videos to at least get it to the quest. But now I have found my self, just trying to get even the bare bones room to not jitter. And there is basically no GI or anything like that. It looks terrible and still jitters. Let alone any meshes inside. Any recommendations? I will keep researching but want to explore every avenue at this point! Thanks!

Some graphical features will have to be turned off like reflections or even some real-time shadows, other than that you can also cut the texture resolutions. There can be other things that have an impact but that depends on the time of project.

AFAIK the quest is a somewhat glorified mobile phone.

As such, if I had to do this I would duplicate the project and start with stripping down to the bare bones of game-play.

After that goes over, builds, complies and deploys, I would start to re-build the graphics of the main features at the lowest possible LOD only. New materials are probably in order with smaller textures, etc.
Move up to details later on. but it’s a hard port just like going from a game that works off DX12 to mobile…

Thanks guys. No reflections?! I don’t know if I can pull that off. The main product is made of stainless steel. Is this a for sure thing?

That is what I am doing with the barebones, I went down to literally the walls of my room and still jitters… Im getting nervous about it not being possible. It took me awhile to just get it dialed in for the rift…

At the very least you’ll need to turn off screen space reflections but it should probably be fine with reflection probes. But also go through the other Post Process settings, like anti-aliasing which can have a big effect on performance.

How did your port go? Would be great if Quest allowed Postprocess, maybe next gen sigh.