Porting to consoles using blueprints only?

Hello there, i have a quick question.

Does anybody knows if this still apply?

“This first console release is provided in source code form, so it’s for teams which include at least one C++ programmer. In a subsequent version, we’ll add support for binary-only development, so artists and designers can deploy their creations to console without ever compiling the code.”

That is from 1 year ago, so hopefully by now, things already changed.

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Blueprints get converted into a language consoles understand, just as c++ does. It is just a visual representation of code being generated under the hood.

Hi Droxon,

This note is still mostly correct. Iterating on your content (including Blueprints) shouldn’t require recompiles, but you’ll need the compiler/toolchain installed and have to build from the GitHub source code at least once per engine release in order to deploy to consoles.


Blueprint is not generating C++, it’s full virtual machine same as UnrealScript was. In other words it will work anywhere where UE4 is working without even need to recompliation, same as Java

Thanks a lot for the replies, now it’s clear.


It looks like you read my answer about as closely as I read the initial question. :slight_smile: