Porting RR to 4.19.2 or 4.20 ?

Is it feasible to port RR to 4.19.2 or 4.20 engine? It seems that the game would only benefit from running powered by the current engine as 4.16 seems to be ancient.

I have no idea how complicated the process is, but I kinda wish Epic could’ve to update Robo Recall up to latest engine version.

I don’t think there’s much hope for them to update it at all at this point, it’s been almost two years with little to no support for this game, aside from the new release on Quest, nothing has been announced for RR on PC. I’ve done as much I can in the mean time, making mods and maps, but I’m still learning and am pretty new to Unreal Engine in general (which sounds weird now, having spent as much time in their mod kit as I have) but there still isn’t anything coming from the actual devs rn.

If you look at it, they’re so unfocused on this game at this point that someone else was hired to port it to Quest, not even Epic themselves, which they probably could’ve done easy (easy being a vague term, but it’s their game after all)

Any update on this, I would love to have a look at it again. When I try and convert Robo Recal it wants me to disable plugins like the “OdinEditor” which I am not wanting to do as it will mess up all my current builds.

It would be great to have an updated build please.

did you try recompile the source code after doing that step? they published the game source code

Yeah, I have no idea. Would love an update but again, Epic doesn’t really support this game much anymore.

Resurrecting this as I finally managed to generate project files for 4.26.1 and attempted to compile RR with VS 2019. Got a lot of nasty errors:



I also had to disable EpicAnalytics and OculusLibrary as both of those were made for RR specifically and I don’t think they are needed with 4.26.1

It’s crazy to me that no one wants to step in and help :frowning: