Porting from Unreal 2.5

Hello, I would like to know if it’s possible to directly port a game from Unreal 2.5 to 4? If not, then what other options are there that don’t involve making a separate new game?



It’s not possible, the engine versions are too different, and unless you have the source files for the assets you wouldn’t be able to get them out of the old game anyway.

I have all the source files, everything. What about stuff like character data? If porting to UE4 is not possible, then how about to UE 3?


Also, what about moving from 2.5 - 3, and then from 3 - 4?

Still not possible, there’s nothing that can transfer the gameplay code and the assets could technically be compatible, but the editors probably prevent the ability to open them.
And if it’s not a game you were developing, like say some game you like from back in the day that you’d like to play in UE4 then the file protection systems would prevent that as well. If it’s a game like that then it would be illegal to do stuff like that anyways without permission.

Nothing like that, I work with a game developer who owns the game and has all the assets, rights, etc, they created it. So we’re looking at a new game client, just with the assets ported over and the player database?

If you’ve got the assets you can export them to the new engine, but the gameplay scripting stuff has significantly changed—I’m sure UE3 had Unrealscript changes compared to 2.5, and it had the addition of Kismet. And then going from UE3 to UE4 there’s no Unrealscript at all or Kismet. If you coded your gameplay in C++ originally it might not be so hard to do though.

Yes, it is coded in C++.

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IIRC, someone on the forums made a UE3 to UE4 .t3d converter for positions of placed assets. You might be able to adapt that to convert UE2.5 levels, accounting for the differences between UE2.5 and UE3 in t3d (the copy-paste format for the editor). You would still need to export the individual assets and import them into UE4 first (meshes, textures, and skeletal meshes).

Things like materials and anim trees will have to be rebuilt from scratch, too much has changed.

Michael Noland

I know from past experience that 2.5 -> 3 at least with just the assets works, but you loose ALL the texture selections on any BSPs.