Porting from PC to IOS/Android

There is a small section in the docs about IOS/Android paramaters such as maximum texture sizes.

But, how would you approach a multi platform game, say you initally aimed at the PC, would you have to completely redo the game for IOS/Android, or can you somehow scale the game down for the mobile platforms?

What are the options?

And you’d need to seriously optimize everything and delete a lot of stuff because those platforms are pretty useless at handling anything complex.
Solid Snake did a tutorial on porting one of the UDK maps to iOS and the time it would take you - you may as well build a game from scratch aiming specifically at iOS and Android.

You’ll redo a lot of things in most cases. Depends on game, of course.

Really? There is no way to scale the project without duplicating it?

There is, but making it easily scalable takes more time than just scaling everything manually.

I want to port Jazz Jackrabbit ios unreal engine 3(unreal development kit)kismet tutorial to android on unreal engine 4. I used UDK and unreal model viewer,but it seems some textures were missing.Did someone or somebody from Epic Games had to delete some assets?But why this demo from 2010 are no longer supported,am I right?

Weird necro but OK. I don’t think the question is relevant to the topic.

The updated 2018 answer to this thread for anyone who arrives here from google is you can use device profiles to limit which mipmaps get transferred to your deployment. For example I import 4k textures but when I go to iOS the maximum texture size copied over is 1024. The same deployment on desktop uses the original 4k textures.

Provided your game is designed to be playable on both platforms that’s almost all you need to do.