Porting finished PC game created in unreal engine to ps4 format

I have been making games for PC. Nothing huge but solid stuff. I am now working on my biggest project which I hope to release on playstation a long side PC. The game is built with standard unreal engine (non console developer version). I am about half way through the game. I am hoping to create the whole game for PC and then once it is released, use that as leverage for the console developers kit to port it over to playstation/xbox format.

My question is, will the porting from PC unreal engine to ps4 unreal engine be an easy process or should I try to get the developers kit ahead of time? I don’t want to have to re-create the game from the ground up after getting the console developers kit. Naively it seems as though creating the game in PC unreal engine and tweaking it once in ps4 unreal engine wont be much of a problem but this is new grounds for me so any insight would be appreciated.

The version of UE4 that supports consoles (PS4/Xbox One) is pretty much the same. I haven’t used it, but the only differences I would imagine might be with how some shaders are rendered, or maybe some physics features.
You shouldn’t have much to worry about developing on PC first and then going over to PS4.

Cool that is what I figured

how about gameplay code?
i mean if we have 1 finish game for Pc, and if we want to port it into console, are we just open it in UE4 console version and its done or we must re-create some code like controller code or something like that or re-create all code from beginning?

I would think the main difference would be some graphical stuff and networking, stuff for the controller should work already I would think. I doubt it’s going to be something as simple as opening the project in the PS4 version of the editor and having it all work correctly.