Porting content over from "R" BETA UE4 to this new build of UE4

This question may have been asked already, but seeing as new folk to UE4 have been over-zealous in posting millions of questions that are mostly covered in the documentation, I don’t have time to spend 24 hours reading through them all.

Can we port our content created in “R” BETA easily to the new UE4 build?

I haven’t posted the name of our builds, because it’s unclear if we can use that name publicly yet, so this is denoted by “R” to anyone who was in the project. :cool:

I think you just have to do the same as you did in the updating process of the “R” beta ^^ → so meshes, materials, particles,… wont cause any problems, just the scripts and bp will be a little bit annoying.

Thanks fighter5347, just what I suspected :mad:

Oh well, better delegate three weeks to port it all over then :frowning:

there was a R beta? lucky people :-p.