Porting Code from Unity 3D to Unreal Engine

Hello Folks,

Is there any way to port code from Unity 3D to UE, without the need to rewrite all the code from C# to C++? Like a plugin that facilitate that?

Anyone can offer this as a service (paid of course) ?


No, there are many things in Unity that isn’t compatible with UE4.

Shame… Thanks!

You can Google C# to C++ converter and there are a few you can purchase but I wouldn’t expect a plug and play solution. Could save some time but it’s still going to require you to review and tweak the code cause it’s not going to get everything 100% and probably won’t be as optimized as possible.

Even with conversion it would reference things from Unity that UE4 doesn’t use, since it won’t know what the equivalent is with UE4

No, it should be done manually. It will be major pain too, because some things that can be done in unity, can’t be done in unreal and some things that can be done in unreal, can’t be done in unity.

So you’ll need pretty much a rewrite.