Porting C++ project from ue4?

I realize this is early access and it’s just for testing purposes, but I really want to see what UE5 can do for the visuals in my project. But I seem to be missing something about how to get the C++ portion going from a ue4 project to a UE5 project. I got all the runtimes installed and working, but upon trying to rebuild the project for UE5, I keep getting messages that it “cannot find parent “types” for current module” regarding my custom classes. EG I have a CameraShake class, and upon rebuilding, it no longer recognizes UCameraShake as an existing class to parent from.

Has the naming convention or syntax changed?

It builds fine in UE4, but as soon as I let UE5 convert it, it will not build.

The standard UCameraShakes have been moved into the legacy class UMatineeCameraShake. There may be a new system in place (I have not checked). Your C++ project should be easy to migrate to UE5, but you’ll probably have to deal with deprecations.

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Ah yeah, thanks, I thought I was going to have more issues, but for not it was only the camera shake class.