Portfolio Feedback needed - level designer


I was hoping I could get some constructive criticism om my portfolio. What are looking for in a portfolio in level design?

Lay it on meportfolio is here:

Thank you

The work is out of date, it’s not on the level of what people would expect from these days. And even for what they are they are very simple levels.

You will have to use better meshes + the the scenes have to look much more realistic -> take a look at some levels in the WIP or Released section :slight_smile:

Hi there! Portfolios can be quite hard to make, I’ve been there too! I took a look at your portfolio and I can give you some tips and give some critique. Please remember that I’m not trying to be mean at all so I’m sorry if it might sound that way!

  1. Lack of content.
    You wrote that’s it’s a portfolio for level design but looking at the limited screenshots you provided, it gives the impression as if like not much work has been done at all. I can’t see much from the screenshots as well, can’t tell what’s going on. Try to provide a few more screenshots of that level, but try to avoid using bird’s eye view (Unless it’s a RTS game or something similar)!

Show me how it would look like as a player. It would be nice to be able to see it through the player’s eyes and experience how they would.

Also you should learn the basics of photo composition, it’s something simple and will really boost the quality and clarity of your screenshots.

  1. Level Design needs more work
    Your actual level designs themselves are either very simple (walk in a straight line) or very unclear (the forest one). What I like to recommend to people is to start out in 2D level design. It helps you get a good grasp on player movement and stuff. I would highly recommend looking at this guide for RPGmaker ://rpgmaker.net/articles/620/

It’s basic but it provides good starting fundamentals for level design. After learning 2D you can move onto 3D. This is a good resource as well ://www.worldofleveldesign/

Remember in 3D games there’s elevation! Don’t put everything on just 1 plane. Make cliff faces, bushes, small clutter and stuff to add life into your environments or show signs of life.

  1. Few inconsistencies
    You have several typos in your information sections on the right hand side. Also there is a lack of connection between your screenshot and the information you provide. In Blood Gore you really emphasised on the blood, but I basically see none at all.

Show me a few more screenshots of what you did in your role. If your role was level designer, show me more levels you have created, and focus your screenshots around that role.

In the forest game you made for your friend, you wrote it was a FPS shooter. Why didn’t you show any screenshots of the game itself? It would be nice to see more of what you worked on

  1. Final Tip!
    If you created something that you know yourself isn’t to the highest of your abilities, you do not have to put it on your portfolio. Only show try to show the best you have to offer.

Also always keep on working on something! Continue to push your skills, you can only learn by trying.

Good luck with your Portfolio! I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

As others have said, the levels don’t look up to par with modern expectations. The western-themed map in particular uses a lot of sharp, blocky design where it looks like you’ve used the CSG geometry to create much of the architecture, especially the wooden balcony on the right. The overall aesthetic also suffers from what appears to be a lack of specular highlighting and normal mapping to give the textures depth, making them look a bit like wallpaper. There are other glaring issues such as the way the sides of the road join to the main road texture with a straight, sharp edge.

Perhaps a suggestion would be to focus on building small scenes, like a single room, rather than a whole level. This will help you focus on the small details such as the way a desk lamp highlights the scratches on the surface of a wooden desk, as it’s stuff like this that will really set you apart from the regular guys. Smaller scope = fewer assets = more time and care can be spent on each one.

Good luck, and don’t be discouraged! :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone! Your feedback in invaluable to me and I will surely take everything into consideration. :slight_smile: