Portfolio "fanart" game

Hello Community!
I hope that is the correct section to ask this question.
Currently I’m working on my portfolio (Artstation). I’ve been doing a game which is basically Monopoly. The game logic is done and mostly it is just polishing I’m doing right now. Took me around 2 and a half month to come to this. I really just want to show that I can develop a game with this. I will not release this as a free game nor release it to sell it. Now the question: is this legal? Can I show this on Artstation (via youtube link) or do I have to expect consequences? On a legal basis I mean.

In the future I want to focus on environments in Unreal and hard surface modeling. This is just a piece which is supposed to show that I am capable of doing more than just 3D Modelling and Texturing.

PS: If this is not the correct section to post this or if you have a better idea in which section to ask this feel free to tell me.

Greetings & thanks ahead,