Portal Locked in Creative Mode

“Portal Destination Locked” in creative mode. Cant seem to do anything. I have been gone from Fortnite for a few years. Last time I played was on PS4 right after they had first introduced Creative mode over 4 years ago. Now that Im back on PC, Im stuck at this terminal & cant even click on it. Doesn’t let me interact with it or anything else in the lobby. I can’t even sprint or do anything, only things that seem to work is force respawning myself or exiting the mode. I cannot seem to find any information online on how to fix this. Anyone that has run into this seems to get no response from epic games. Help!

I am having this issue as well and have found no answers anywhere

went to play creative for the first time, and had the same issue

I have even used UEFN to publish my own island and my portal STILL says this

Hey all, the team is working on a fix for an upcoming update. Thanks for the report!

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Just wondering, will the fix be in a small update or is it going to be fixed in the new season?

This is still happening to me.

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Same is happening to me, any fix?