Portal like - camera issues


im new to blueprint scripting and im currently developing a portal like game and i got some problems when i place a Portal on the ground. When i enter any portal and im getting teleportet to a portal, which is placed on the ground, my whole camera is flipped in some specific manner. Also my controlls are kinda fancy after stepping out of a portal on the ground.
In the original “Portal” game seems to be some kind of gravity implemented, which set the player character upright when steping out of a portal on the ground.

Here you can see my teleport logic and what exactly happens when stepping out of such a portal.
Short explanation of the function in my FirstPersonCharacter Blueprint: The TeleportTo event is called, whenever my Character is overlapping the collisionbox from one of the two portals. For the new location and rotation of the player, there is a arrow-component connected to the portals.
I really hope someone can help me :slight_smile: