Portal Gun!

Here’s a quick preview of a portal gun i put together using Blueprints! I will hopefully have a tutorial for this tomorrow, but by the end of the week for sure! I’m still working on setting up the cameras. So right now it’s more of a Teleporter gun, but I think I’ll release what i have so far and go from there.

Wow thats really great!
Nice work!
would love to see the setup.


I thought portal guns were magic back when portal came out. Now I am thinking it wouldn’t be that difficult to pull off in UE4… :stuck_out_tongue:

Must be the weather, or the moon, lol, last night I had the very same idea of trying to build some portals and eventually a portal gun.
And now I see this thread.

That said, looking forward to your tut :slight_smile:

Moving this over here!