Portal Gun (WIP) | Unreal Engine 4

Some things that still need working on:

  1. Upon teleport, player forward velocity should change according to the forward vector of Portal 2.
    Example: The player was moving at axis X, and when teleported to Portal 2, his forward axis became Y, while his side axis became X. To preserve the momentum, I’m trying to change player velocity to forward vector of Portal 2. This will allow the player to move at the same speed forward upon teleporting to Portal 2.
  2. Spawn the Portal only where it fits. This will be done by line tracing the sides of the portal + the center to see if it overlaps anything. If it does, we’re going to move the portal to the left/right till it stops overlapping!
  3. Make the render target look better
  4. Teleport player as soon as the portal is created. Right now, it uses event overlap to detect overlapping actors and then teleports the overlapping actors. If the player places the portal directly below him, the overlap event will not trigger unless the player moves away from the trigger and steps on it again.