Portal Camera Rotation Issue

I’m having an issue with some Portals I made following this YouTube tutorial -

Let me please start off by saying this is my first time using Unreal, hence why I’m following the tutorial to a key.

I have pretty much all of the functionality sorted, I just have an issue with the portal’s view moving up and down when the player looks up and down. Looking left and right works fine, it’s looking up and down which is the issue. You can see in this screenshot what I mean - I should be looking at the sky, but the view is rotating with my camera view.

You can see the code in the link I posted, but I’ve attached screenshots of the code. The green commented areas cover all rotations for x, y and z. The function is called using an event tick in the event graph.

I’m not really sure exactly what needs to be done, or if anything can be done. I want the y rotation to stay as it is to give that more realistic window/portal effect.

It looks like he is rendering portals from the surface of the portal which causes some issues when trying to properly position the camera, I would recommend watching this tutorial which gives a much more believable result. UE4 - Portal Doors Tutorial - Part 1 [ The Portal Effect ] - YouTube