Portal and forum switch region/language

The following has recently begun to happen: when I visit portal/marketplace or forum it redirects me to the Chinese version. I never switch region or language, so do not real reason why this happened. Sometimes login page is on Chinese, but when I login it switch to English version.
Also, it frequently asks me for two verification code, even when I check “Remember this device” (or something like that).
It’s not a big deal, but switching to another region can be annoying.

I’m not sure why it’d be switching you to an alternate language, especially if you haven’t switched anything. We’ll share that behavior to see if the team can uncover anything.

Thanks for sharing!

It seems that the problem is fixed.
What i suspect is that i clicked on some link during the search via search engine, and it opened Chinese version which was saved (via cookies/session) during login redirection …
Now, it’s working fine.

Best regards.