portable solution to writing blueprints

what would people say a minimum pc specs i should look into if i just wanted to write blueprints on the go. i have a high end pc to build my game on and test graphics and and all the good stuff. so thats not a concern. i im not limited by the idea of a cheap pc. i would like to get a laptop or tablet to use on the go.

so if i was just using basic scenes with hardly anything going on. what do you guys think would be required to run ue4 smoothly. ue4 runs fine on my i5 7th gen but i dont really know if just the base editor with very little happening will struggle with an integrated gpu.

Likely also something that has a decent amount of ram. I’d be leaning towards a minimum of 16Gb. So you can run web browsers and Unreal at the same time. Or atleast get a 8Gn laptop that has an extra slot you can put another 8gb in it.

AMD or Nvidia graphic card chip also. You will likely struggle with Intel integrated or on on cpu graphic cards.

If you’re strapped for cash, possibly look at second hand laptops. They sell for much cheaper, and 2 or 3 generation old laptops that were peak for their time will likely still have a decent amount of grunt to do what ya want to do.

Heck I do my Unreal making on a computer I got back in 2010 :smiley:

thanks guys, you saved me from spending money on a regret. i used to have a nice big laptop with a 660 when it was a good card. but i hadnt had a use for it for a year and a half after i built my updated pc so i let it go for a good price. ut was kinda big just to use it for writing blueprints also. but probably could do more than basic tests if i still had it.

thanks guys