Portable Ark

Again, I’m not awesome at modding, but I had a pretty cool idea earlier if someone wants to run with it. A portable Ark. So you can upload and download your dinos/items/whatever from wherever you happen to be. Taming a max level scorpion in a cave, but your base is all the way across the map? No problem, upload him to your portable Ark and re-download him when you get home. I guess this is mostly only useful for single player/local or unofficials that allow uploading/downloading. But I thought it cool nonetheless.

Edit: It would also solve the teleporting with your items problem in a dirty kind of way. Just upload your items to the Ark before you respawn somewhere, and download them again when you get there.

Try look up the blueprints for the big piles (name?) where you normaly upload/download the dinos. And try to see if you can make that work with an item already created (makes it easier when you dont need to create a brand new item aswell :slight_smile: )
Dunno it that will work but thats what i would do