Port - Building my first scene

After a year playing others aspects of UE4 and never touch ‘how build a scene’ i going to build my first one for learn a bit. All advice, feedback are welcome.

Going to be a port, using for model of near port where i live

(excuse my english)

Google for ref


Latest Image (for details check thread):


First i do the main modules thinking in reutilice.

Complete basic port for begin


Main meshes


I add extra poligons because i want more control when vertex paint.


I use a first person template, without extra content (i want build all textures and content) clean a bit the map, and move to UE4 for first check.


i take some photos a build my first materials with 4k resolution.

Since was very clean i lerp with another two texture which take the photo from the port using a custom mask AO based.


For floor a POM material, texture taken from the real port too.



looks like a good start so far! keep it up

Agreed, good start. Looking forward to seeing the final product. =)

I hope look good enough, i want that, but i don’t known how good or bad i can do that in my first time building a enviroment from 0

Since i have a computer problem i can’t doing too much yesterday but i create a blocks for the borders of my port, i use abs position in that texture material for some randomize.


And the first main port piece assambled together for a preview.


There are few errors but i fix later

I do the other day a photometry test without luck, i’ll give it another try other day. But i think that object its very complicated for photometry and i going to lost more time fixing errors and optimice that doing from scratch.

Anyway here two screens

In one side of the port where waves crashing there are pile of rocks, i thinking in photometry too but i discard after some test for the same… not good results, too complicated fix, catch all visibile sides of that rocks with photos its hard (i think i do a good work in that aspect anyway). And lots of poligons even if optimize.


anyway i want try what can i do and not with photometry, was a good experience. Seems not too much, and for simple things.

I need thinking a better and optimize way of doing that part. But later

Looking good, nice start.

Seems that images not work i upload again.

Finally fix my computer problems i can begin again to work in my scene today.

Not do anything yet but i have time for check how looks with a water plane.

I not plain build a water material, but i want to check how looks while build and check one thing relative, i use the water material translucent from Epic. Now after see perhaps i add when finish my own water material.

The scene need too much work.

  • Add details
  • Lighthouse
  • Some boat
  • Fixed repetitive textures
  • Fixed light issues, lightmaps, and add lights, better light and atmosphera (last step)
  • Paint textures (near last steps)
  • and more…

Few details.




Not happy with the Noray (i don’t known the english word) quality. I must fix UV problems (annoying UVS :mad:) , and change textures/details.

streetlight ready.

Looking good, keep it up!

Haven’t too much this days since i working in another two non personal projects but i get some time for some progress in my personal one.


Very nice work!

Today i do that stairs, took me few hours :o (5 meters stairs)


I made some minor changes

And new additions:




Full Scene not finish yet.


This is coming together really well! Great materials.

Given a easy and powerful 3d model design tool i could make all kinds of characters both all the way from humans to orcs and from a to z i could then do scenes of cartoons or movies for you, however my vocal acting is not good but you can hire some people to add vocals to recordings and send them to me, and tell me where you want them put on the timeline of unreal engine’s Matinee tool.