Porsche 911 - 50 Years

Hi to all,
Here is a little vidéo based on the new 911.
Made with Unreal 4.26 raw render ( just transition post in after effect).
Still learning this great tool from Epic !!
Trying to play with studio light and véhicle lines.
Enjoy !](

Lovely and well made presentation :smiley: The model, lighting, visual animation in the background, all well done and the music fits good too imho :slight_smile:

Only “negative” thing I could see is that I would had like to see the interior of the car as well. It look like a superb interior but it’s completely ignored in the presentation, shame.

Thanks !
You’re right about the interior, but in fact the model was not very good on this point and too much work to have nice result.

I see.

But your presentation is awesome anyway :smiley:

Thanks for the kindly comment ! :wink:

Where is the model from? I want to see it driveable in UE4 :slight_smile: