I am part a student team of four, graduating at the end May (2017). We are extremely pleased with the project we have sunk a most of our time into since February. We chose an two very ambitious goals for this project. My school teaches the game design program using Unity. However, if a team’s argument to use another engine is considered valid enough, we can be given approval to use it.

  1. Unreal Engine (This was our first Unreal Project.)
  2. Networked PvP game
  3. Fighting the natural forces of Gravity.

The goals of Poravity are to capture the core objective and complete the accompanying requirement to score. This includes taking your flag to the enemy base, and a score system that increases by taking bases and killing enemies. Other objectives include successfully traversing the environment, as well as practicing-with-the-intent-of-mastering our traversal mechanics. Players will be able to use a 4-weapon arsenal, along with their own player abilities, to maximize their combat and traversal potential. While the game is accessible to anyone, the mastery of these abilities and weapons will set the elite apart from the rest.

Core Vision
Poravity is a third person, arcade-style arena shooter that allows players to quickly and intuitively manipulate their environment by altering their gravitational inversion and intelligently using player abilities in a multiplayer, competitive environment.

Milestone Playlist of our Capstone Project

I often stream during development on the project and we are also currently looking to expand our playtesting group.

Apply to be a playtester!

My team is still looking for play-testers for our capstone project. It is a 3rd person arena shooter (multiplayer) that utilizes the Steam API, so you will need to have steam up and running. We are expected to graduate at the end of this month.
We are trying to nail down as many bugs or ineffective code blocks as possible, but need new eyes on it. We have a discord server for those interested and you would need to fill out a few surveys, both pre/post testing. If you have the capability to stream/record (send us the video) all the better. Thank you. Share with anyone that might be interested. :wink:

Join our discord sever.