Pop-ups disappear

Hello! Someone faced a problem, the disappearance of windows caused by the right mouse click, for example, in the Content Browser I click the right mouse button to create something, the window appears and immediately disappears, only restarting the project saves. Windows 10 is clean, Anril reinstalled, the mouse does not doubleclick. I tried to reinstall the video driver, now it costs 472.12

Have you tried the standard Nvidia solutions?


and / or turn off G-SYNC in the NVIDIA system settings

I do not have G sync, I turned off vertical sync just in case, but the problem did not dare

Did you check the link?

just started mpo_disable, checking

well it didn’t help

Ah, sorry, that’s my repertoire…

seems to have worked after restarting the computer, so thanks!

Ah, excellent :slight_smile: