Poor service

  1. poor feedback/ not constructive
  2. the hack causing extreme troubles
  3. free content being sold on the market place

The inability for Epic staff members to provide Constructive Feedback is a really big issue. At first i thought it was other users not being happy so i quietly sat and waited, take everything with a pinch of salt right?

Well, having experienced the Unreal Engine Market place first hand i can safely safe, Epic staff *(maybe not all, but the mass majority) *have no idea how to provide Constructive Feedback and some of the really talented members comments about how bad the market place is true (i feel it would be inappropriate for me to add quotes )

The unreal engine is good, but the marketplace is a mess, dare i say a complete joke. Some of the content being sold is available free online, in the past i have seen plagiarized textures and now i have experience the lack of care and support from the staff members.

The reply rate is not acceptable and the feedback is awful.
Criteria for improvements need to stipulated clearly, without a clear understand of what is wanted, you are wasting time on a pointless review process

Just a polite notice for anyone thinking to get involved and a warning to staff members to learn how to provide Constructive feedback

Epic staff please try to improve in this area, i feel it would beneficial for all as generally i have seen good things from Epic over the past 20 years, sadly this is not currently something i can be said to be true. Your inability to provide constructive feedback will directly result in the amount of content in the marketplace, as you are totally discouraging users,. In turn your cutting off your own nose to spite your face, your losing money, which could be invested in improvements.

This is all for the benefit of a better unreal and i am by no means unhappy, just completely flabbergasted at the current state of affairs and constant poor responses from staff, admin and moderators
Many Thanks


Thank you for your feedback and we apologize that you’ve seen some lacking in this area. If you could please message me with some specifics. We’ll start a conversation on our end about how to improve our feedback process. We apologize if there was any confusion or inconvenience.



This post is confusing. What is a ‘plagiarized texture’? I haven’t purchased any of the texture packs but a brick wall is a brick wall. If somebody is too lazy to find a free one then let them pay for it, regardless of the source. As far as most of the other products go… most of them, I would not buy because they lock you into a specific look which anyone can get just by buying those products. In other words - there will be a lot of angry people out there who can’t get any traction because their game looks exactly like someone else’s game. On the other hand the Blueprints items look very useful, the music is probably useful (I make my own so not for me), a lot of useful things to be found there. As far as the review process goes… how do you know what’s going on? How many submissions do they get a month? How many people do they have looking at and testing this stuff? Do they even have the budget to do what you’re asking? I mean honestly, how many UE4 users are there? Imagine 100 people testing 100,000 products a month. Impossible right? The approval process would take forever with your standards. Epic would need a full time staff just to write critiques. Or, conversely, 100 people testing 10 products a month. What if 50 people like the product and 50 don’t? What if everybody feels differently about the item? Epic is a studio with an engine. The guys who are testing your submissions are more than likely doing it in their downtime from other projects. Also, the marketplace is still in it’s infancy, expecting it to be perfect is silly. I do not have a product on the marketplace but, as far as I’m concerned, these guys have been Johnny-On-The-Spot with everything else. If I ask a question I get an answer, promptly. If I have a complaint, I get a response, promptly. I had an issue a week ago and logged on to the forum to ask about it and found the answer right away, given by Epic Staff. I didn’t even need to post anything. Taking ALL of this into consideration, I’d venture to say that - Yeah, I’ll bet there are problems with the marketplace. But I’d bet my life that they’ll be fixed as soon as Epic can get to it. It’s a lot of work developing a game, imagine the amount of work that goes into developing a game engine as well. Not just a game engine but the BEST game engine out there (over all). AND IT’S FREE. Look at the marketplace and tell me Epic is making billions off of that. LOL NOT!!! I don’t think the big studios pay Epic a royalty so all the money made off UE4 comes from game sales and the marketplace. Where are the breakout indie blockbusters that are funding this venture? UE4 is probably the LEAST profitable thing they do. It’s probably almost a charity at this point, or a money pit.

It might be better that you talk to the Marketplace team if you have issues, this is too vague to be useful. There’s too little information to know whether there’s actually an issue or if there’s a misunderstanding or what.

If you see any plagiary or copyright violation in marketplace, then raport it to Epic. Of coarse first make sure it is really made by 2 different people or companies.