Poor quality of the opacity mask from the png alpha channel


So I created the hair of my character with hair planes, the simple render in Max comes good but when I create the material in UE4 and I link the alpha channel of my png color base, the mask is not good, is thicker and very sharp, there is something I have to know when working with opacity mask in UE4?

Try using a 32 Bit Targa. I always use .TGA whenever I need alpha channel information.

thats great

Is there a reason you don’t use TIF?
It supports all 4 channels, up to 32bpc and is lossless. And with its ZIP or LZW+Prediction compression options (still lossless) its file sizes are around 2/5 to 1/2 the size of TGA (even with its RLE compression on).
I switched our project over to it by using xnconvert, only took a couple minutes and we saved many gigabytes of space and made transfering the project around even easier.

TIF / TGA are fine - I use TGA just because I’m used to it.

I believe TIF is slightly slower when it comes to ‘building’ textures - since each compressed texture has to be uncompressed before it can be used (but this doesn’t have any impact on your game performance, just packaging / build times).