Poor performance with simple scene. Fixed when paused?

Not sure exactly what to make of this, but a relatively simple scene I’m working with in on android seems to perform poorly relative to what I would expect (20,000 tris, 3 skeletal meshes, no dynamic lights or shadows, very low draw count, etc).

I am running on a Nvidia Shield tablet, and the game gets about 30-40 fps at any given time. However when I pause the game it instantly jumps to 60fps constant. I’ve tried profiling many times and it doesn’t reveal too much usable info. The game thread only takes about 6ms, but the renderer hovers anywhere from 30-40ms.

It seems strange to me that pausing the game gives an almost instant jump to 60fps when I believe the renderer continues to run while paused. Not really sure what I should be investigating to figure out what is causing the poor performance.