Poor performance on Nexus 9(Tegra K1) with OpenGL ES3.1

I’m using 4.9.0 release GitHub version.

Edit the"BaseEngine.ini",and compile with “Development Editor” “Win64” and “Development” “Android” and “Development” “Win64”.

Compiled Three time, also I’ve no error.


Download the “SunTemple 4.9.0” with Epic Launcher. and opened a copy it on 4.9.0 release GitHub version.

I open a SunTenple2,and Deploy to Nexus 9. I can play on the Nexus 9.

I have nice rendering scene, but too slow! About 2FPS.

[SunTemple2 Log56993-

I was moved from [Deploy to Nexus 9, I get a red screen - Platform & Builds - Unreal Engine Forums][3]

Thank you,

Hey Pafu,

This issue has been submitted to under UE-20798. Please feel free to follow up on this issue in a few weeks to see the progress.


This bug is not fixed in 4.10release.